Presentations at the 2015 EVA/Minerva Jerusalem International Conference on Digitisation of Culture


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Eva Minerva 2015 Conference Overview



Welcome and overview of the conference by the chairmen

Dr. Susan Hazan and Dov Winer






Prof. Gabriel Motzkin, Director, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

James S. Snyder, Director, The Israel Museum Jerusalem

Reuven Pinsky, Senior Director,  Heritage Division at Office of the Prime Minister of Israel


MORESHET the PMO program for recovery and empowerment of the national heritage of Israel_


Reuven Pinsky *, Head of the MORESHET Division, at the Prime Minister Office

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projects 2014 (Heb)
report 2014 (Heb)  

Paperless Archaeology – Keynote address_

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Dr. Matthew Adams, Director, Albright Institute of Archaeological Research


Digitisation of Culture: from Conference to Conference


Dov Winer, Co-Chair EVA/Minerva 2015
Israel Minerva Forum

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Outline and structure of EVA/Minerva 2015

Come and visit the Israel Museum Jerusalem_

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Dr. Susan Hazan, Co-Chair EVA/Minerva 2015





Museums Track - Session I: Museums and Portals

Museums in Israel – The National Museum Portal: Copyright of digital reproductions

pdf                              abstract

Ronit Marco, Ministry of Culture and Sport


Tools for integrating contents of private collections in The National Museum Portal

pdf           pptx         abstract

Mariane Aaron, Ministry of Culture and Sport


The new (Dutch) Jewish Monument. The challenges in creating an interactive memorial for four generations

prezzi                                abstract

Anat Harel, Policy maker / Project manager at the Jewish Cultural Quarter


Cultural Heritage Materials and the UNESCO Memory of the World Project

pdf           pptx         abstract

Elhanan Adler, Chair, Israel Memory of the World Committee, UNESCO 


Museums Track – Session II: Museum-Makery

Museums as dynamic learning environments and their digital tools

pdf           pptx         abstract

Pier Giacomo Sola, The Creative Museum project


The WITH culture sharing social platform: Co-create and share cultural collections

pdf           pptx         abstract

Vassilis Tzouvaras, National Technical University of Athens


Experiential design, augmented reality and multiple screens in the temporary exhibition "Mechanics of Miracles”

pdf                              abstract

Elena Voltsinger, Exhibition Curator, Sochi Winter Olympics Cosmos Pavilion, VDNH Moscow, Russia


Alan Turing: Founder of Computer Science

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Prof. Jonathan P. BowenLondon South Bank University /Museophile



Track Israel Association of Archives – Session I

Welcome: Michal Henkin, Chair of the Israel Association of Archives, Director of the City of Haifa Archives       overview
Chair: Larisa Shnitkind, Director of the City of Tel Aviv – Jaffa Archives

Research of retention and disposition processes in an internet website of the government of Israel: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a case study (HE) Interpares

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Dr. Silvia Schenkolewski-Kroll, Senior Lecturer, Department of Information Science, Bar-Ilan University
Dr. Assaf Tractinsky, Israel State Archives, Manager of Information and Description Department


Digitization of the moving image – do we only preserve content or also the medium? Between the art of technique and technique of the art 

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Hila Abraham, Israel Film Archive - Jerusalem Cinematheque, Digitization and Access Project Coordinator 


Archive Digitization: Best Practice and Recommendations (HE)

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Masha Zolotarevsky Bear, Yad Tabenkin Archives
Galia Duvidzon, The Oded Yarkoni History Archives of Petach Tikva


Track Israel Association of Archives – Session II

Chair: Aharon Azati (PhD), Director, Yad Tabenkin Archives

Long-term Digital Preservation and the Archive: Principles and practice of long-term digital preservation using real-time examples of material and best-practice (HE)

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Dror Berger, Head of Department of Operational Systems, National Library of Israel


Digital Futures: An in-depth look into the principles and practice of digital projects at cultural heritage institutions with a focus on best practice (HE)

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Chezkie Kasnett, Digital Projects Manager, National Library of Israel


Track Israel Association of Archives – Session III

From Digitization to Discoverability: Accomplishments and New Challenges: a Case Study from the JDC Archive

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Linda Levi, Director and Jeffrey Edelstein, Digitization Project Manager, JDC Global Archives 


CENDARI - Digital Archives for the Medieval and World War One


Emiliano Degl'Innocenti, SISMEL - FEF Head Digital & Multimedia Lab.


Report on the Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities, DARIAH 


Emiliano Degl'Innocenti, DARIAH-IT 


Track World Union of Jewish Studies

Session I: Talmudic and Judaic Research Studies

Querying the Cairo Genizah Images with Word-Spotting Algorithm_

pdf             pptx         abstract

Adiel Ben-Shalom, Prof. Yaacov ChouekaThe Friedberg Genizah ProjectProf. Nachum Dershowitz, Prof. Lior Wolf, Tel Aviv University


The Friedberg Project for Talmud Bavli Variants – "Hachi Garsinan"(HE)

pdf           pptx         abstract

Prof. Yaacov Choueka, Dr. Menachem Katz, Dr. Roni Shweka, The Friedberg Genizah Project


Digitization in Jewish Studies and its Contribution to Identifying Tiny Manuscript Fragments (HE)_

pdf            pptx         abstract

Dr. Menachem Katz, The Open University of Israel, The Friedberg Genizah Project


Applying integrated electronic data resources to new tasks in Talmudic and Judaic research_

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Prof. Shamma Friedman, The Saul Lieberman Institute of Talmudic Research, of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America; Bar-Ilan University


Track World Union of Jewish Studies

Session II: Mapping Projects


Digital mapping of the Ancient Jewish Diaspora 117-650 CE (HE)


Dr. Eyal Ben-Eliyahu and Itamar Satat, Dept. of Jewish History, University of Haifa 


Mapping the Kabbalah - Digital Challenges in History Mapping Project (HE)

pdf            pptx         abstract

Dr. Yoed Kadary, Postdoc at Ben Gurion University in the Negev


Mapping out Memory: The Digitalization of Yizker Bikher 

pdf            pptx         abstract

Dr. Gali Drucker Bar-Am, Dr. Josef Sprinzak, Da'at Hamakom, Center for the Study of Cultures of Place in the Modern Jewish World, Hebrew University of Jerusalem


America on the Responsa Map: Hasidim, Mitnagdim and the Connection between Distance and Authority 

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Zef Segal, Da'at Hamakom, Center for the Study of Cultures of Place in the Modern Jewish World, Hebrew University of Jerusalem



Track World Union of Jewish Studies

Session III: National Aspects / Audiovisual Archives


_"Special Theme Files" Section at the Ben-Gurion Archives as a Case Study for the Outcomes of "Digitized Revolution" (HE)

pdf             pptx         abstract

 Maya Reitan, Supervisor of Digitized Archival Material, Dr. Adi Portughies, Head of Infrastructure Information Systems, Ben Gurion University


Hebrew Republics of Letters and the Great War 


Dr. Sinai Rusinek, The Hebrew University and Bar Ilan University


The Jews - A Group Portrait': A New Project for Documentation of Jewish Historical Photography (HE)

pdf            pptx

Dr. Nathan Shifriss, Haifa University and Hebrew University


Digitization of Documents Curated by the Knesset since 1948


Dr. Rivka Markus, Knesset Head Archivist and Inda Novominsky, Deputy Records Manager



Track World Union of Jewish Studies

Session IV: National Libraries and Museums 


Digital preservation of contemporary press 

pdf                  pptx

David Hanegbi, The National Library of Israel


The future of the past- the Historical Press Project in the upcoming years

pdf           pptx  

Eyal Miller, The National Library of Israel 



Track Digital Archaeology

Session I: Data Management  


Chair: Liat Weinblum, CAA Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA)


IAA Computerization and Providing Access to the Israel Antiquities Authority Survey Data 


Dr. Ofer Sion, Head of the Surveys Branch, IAA


The digital era – 3D archaeological documentation and innovative research at the Israel antiquities authority 


Dr. Avshalom Karasik, Director of the National Laboratory for Digital Documentation, IAA


DANA: A New Software Tool for Field Archaeologists


Dr. Stefan Münger, University of Bern and Liat Weinblum, IAA


Technology at the service of archeology within the IAA 

Iris Yossifon,  IT Department, IAA


Optical Mineralogy for Provenancing Archaeological Ceramics in the Digital-Age: Collecting and Storing Data for Processing and Publication of Ceramic Artifacts

pdf                   pptx         abstract

Paula Waiman-Barak, Haifa University 



Track Digital Archaeology

Session II: Data Management II



Chair: Sveta Matskevich, Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Three-Dimensional Recording at Tel Beth-Shemesh

pdf                   pptx         abstract

Omer Ze'evi, Tel Aviv University


First Temple Period Hebrew Ostraca in the Silicon Age

pdf                  pptx         abstract

Shira Faigenbaum-Golovin, Anat Mendel, Arie Shaus and Barak Sober, Tel Aviv University


A preliminary sketch of a personal digital archive and autobiography: the case of Ehud Netzer

pdf                                      abstract

Yael Netzer, Ben Gurion University


Deciphering and Documenting Destruction with GIS: Methods of Digital Excavation and Documentation at Tel Beth-Shemesh, Israel

pdf                   pptx         abstract

Hai Ashkenazi, Zvi Lederman, Shlomo Bunimovitz, Tel Aviv University


CODIFI: Total paperless recording of the Legio VI Ferrata camp in the Jezreel Valley, Israel

pdf                                      abstract

Dr. Matthew Adams, Albright Institute of Archaeological Research




meSch Material Encounters



Making museum objects smart - Adding a narrative layer to an exhibition
The meSch project is about smart objects. We will look at some of the concepts that we developed and tested during the last two years and focus on one of these concepts. In a temporary exhibition that was on show from April to October we applied smart replicas to trigger narratives from different perspectives. 

pdf           pptx         abstract

Hub Kockelkorn, Museon, Museum for Culture and Science, The Hague







Workshop organized by Kate Fernie, 2Culture Associates


LoCloud - Local content in the Europeana Cloud

pdf                   pptx  

Holly Wright, European Projects Manager at the Archaeology Data Service (ADS) UK


Why LoCloud: Collections

pdf            pptx

Błażej Betański, Poznan Supercomputing Centre


LoCloud: Micro Services and the Digitisation Workflow


Walter Koch, AIT


Geography and local cultural heritage: tools from LoCloud_

pdf           pptx

Holly Wright, European Projects Manager at the Archaeology Data Service (ADS) UK


Creating mappings with the MINT system

pdf           pptx

Vassilis Trouvaras, National Technical University of Athens


MORe: using LoCloud services in the Aggregation Workflow

pdf                  pptx

Dimitris Gavrillis, Athena Research Centre, Digital Curation Unit



Session: Audiovisual Archives



EUscreenXL,  From access towards curation and creative 

pdf                              abstract

Marco Rendina, Istituto Luce Cinecittà, Maria Drabczyk, Polish National Audiovisual Archive


Europeana Space: Innovate your Cultural heritage … and your future business! 

pdf                   pptx         abstract

Marco Rendina, Istituto Luce Cinecittà, Fred Truyen, KU Leuven


The Music Channel, Europeana Sounds

pdf                   pptx

David Haskiya, Europeana Foundation


FORWARD project: Framework for a EU-wide Audiovisual Orphan Works Registry 

pdf                   pptx         abstract

Kerstin Herlt, Association des Cinémathèques Européennes (ACE) Head of Office c/o Deutsches Filminstitut – DIF


Round table: Joys and sorrows of granting online access to audiovisual content



Session: Digital Harvard


More than a single history: building Batsheva’s digital archive

text in English
text in Hebrew

Iris Lana, Batsheva Archive


Digitization visual arts in Israel - independent photographers;  and the challenges in the digitization of the Israel Architectural Heritage

pdf                  pptx



The process of digitization of Kol Israel audio collection (Israel Broadcasting Authority)




Metadata conversion to Harvard's Aleph system 

Shai Nachmany, AI Weinberg Ltd, Israel agent for Harvard Judaica Library


A Personal Journey to the Mysteries of the Stage_


Eyal Landesman, Co-Founder and Artistic Director of the Israeli Photography Festival


Lost & Found: Digitizing Israel's Architectural Heritage 

pdf            abstract  

Dr. Zvi Elhyani, Israel Architecture Archive, Founding Director



Scientix Israel National Workshop


Chair: Roni Dayan, Director, Division for Computer Applications in Education

Opening: Survey of the projects of the Division for Information Technologies (HE)

Educational Cloud Site

Presentation of the Scientix project, the community for Science education in Europe 

pdf                   pptx

Dov Winer, Scientix NCP for Israel, MAKASH, Advancing ICT Applications in Education, Culture and Science


The BioHeker Project (HE)


Galit Karadi, National Instructor, Ministry of Education 


The Migrating Birds Research Project (HE)

pdf                                      abstract

Yehavit Luria, Junior High School Department, Research and Problem Solving, Ministry of Education and Shlomit Lipschitz, the Israel Ornithology Centre


The initiative for private tutoring of students for intensive Mathematics instruction in the Secondary School (five units in the Baccalaureate) (HE)

pdf                                      abstract

Lihi Telem, National Instructor, Cooperative Learning and Distance Learning, Ministry of Education 


The Israel National Program for supporting students in MOOC courses (HE)

pdf                                      abstract

Ronit Dabus, National Instructor, Ministry of Education






Professional Networking Sessions



Barak Filing Services (HE)


DB Digital (EN)



Gal Kol Audio Digitization Services (EN)




HC Editions Studio



Israel Genealogy Research Association

IGRA* at the Forefront of Record Digitization for Genealogy Research in Israel Garri Regev |Rose Feldman |Daniel Horowitz IGRA Israel Genealogy Research Association



The Hybrid Bricolage

Bridging Parametric Design with Craft through Algorithmic Modularity

Tamara Efrat | Moran Mizrahi | Dr. Amit Zoran from Bezalel Industrial Design Department

Moran Mizrahi | Dr. Amit Zoran of the School of Computer Science of the Hebrew University




City of Knowledge YOUTH PORTAL (EN)

Secretary for Human Rights and Citizenship Prefecture of São Paulo_